The Panthers will play in Division 4 of this year’s Suburban Friendship League soccer tournament. The teams in our bracket are Gunston 2, Southwestern 3, and Annandale 6. This is a single-elimination tournament, so the winners on Saturday will play in the division championship game on Sunday afternoon.

Game 1 – Saturday

The Panthers will play Gunston 2 on Saturday, June 12 at 10:30 am at Bryant High School (2709 Popkins Ln, Alexandria, Va.). This will be a rematch for the Panthers who lost to Gunston 2, 6-2, in the 3rd match of the season. The Panthers will be the visiting team and will wear their white uniforms for the match. Gunston 2 had a 4-2-2 record this season.

Match Preview

Team Party – Saturday

We will hold the team party on Saturday, immediately following the game in the Bryant High parking lot. Pizza and drinks will be provided for the players and family members. Parents are asked to contact Coach Al if they have a player with dietary restrictions or allergies so we can make sure food is provided for everyone. We are also looking for parent volunteers to help with the setup, pizza pickup, serving, and cleanup. To volunteer, please sign up here:

Game 2 – Sunday (If necessary)

If the Panthers defeat Gunston 2 in Saturday’s match, they will face the winner of the Southwestern 3 and Annandale 6 game, Sunday, June 13 at 4 pm at Mt. Vernon HS Stadium (8515 Old Mt Vernon Rd, Alexandria, Va.). The Panthers would wear their red uniforms for the match as the home team. Southwestern 3 had a 4-4 record this season and lost to the Panthers, 2-3, in the 6th match of the season. Annandale 6 had a 2-4 record this season and did not face the Panthers this year.